Feeling good and capable today!  It’s a weird feeling for me now, and I’m struggling to enjoy it rather than analyzing it.  I think it’s partly due to the excellent sleep I had last night and partly due to the really nice day I had yesterday.  Wanna here it? Here it goes!

I’m not sure how much I’ve said about this here, but one of my hobbies/passions is genealogy.  I love it, and I have a great community in our local genealogical society who share my love.  Recently I helped begin a new group within our society – a writer’s support group – in the interest of encouraging my fellow genealogists, most of whom are much older than I am, to write-up their years of research, memories, recipes, etc. to make them more accessible to our families, lay people, and future generations.

Yesterday we had a meeting, and as much as I hate getting up early on the weekends, this makes it so worth it.  We have had such a great response to the group!  We constantly have to add chairs to the table and squeeze together so we can all fit.  Everyone is actively contributing to the discussion in a very supportive and constructive manner, and so far our biggest problem is getting ourselves to stop talking in time for the business meeting.  I’m so happy to be the “head cheerleader” of this group, and I feel inspired to do more for/with them.

After the meeting I had time to chat with some people and my friend and I were invited to lunch with some of the “veterans” of the society.  These folks are the kind of people I aspire to be when I’m old.  They are pretty sharp still, relatively healthy, and still very much engaged in life.  The genealogical society is, for most of them, just one of their part-time volunteer positions.  They really seem to enjoy their lives as they are getting older, unlike so many people.  I had a great time with them yesterday.

Then, when I got home, I took my dog out for a walk around the ranch since she had been cooped up inside all morning.  We both needed the exercise, and it turned out to be a good thing I made the rounds out there.  My favorite filly was in a corral with a broken waterer, so I went in search of one of “the guys” to let them know.  When I finally did that and continued on the walk, I came across one of the sheep that was down and looked sick.  Luckily someone drove up just then, saw me and the sheep and said, “Is she dead?”  I said she wasn’t, but she sure isn’t doing well, so he called the owner right away.  When I went out later to make sure the filly had water, she had been moved to another corral and she let me give her a good scratch all over.  We both enjoyed that!

So I was useful yesterday, all day!  I actually did things that helped!  I’ll have to have a look around today to see what happened with the sheep and cuddle the filly again just for fun.  I pay rent to live on the ranch; I’m not responsible for any work or animal care, but I have the knowledge and ability to help when I see a need for it, and I can’t ignore and issue if I see it.  I love the critters too much!

Anyway, yesterday felt good, and today I hope for more of the same.  I’ve already made a list of to-dos and ideas for the writing group, and I’m developing a housework strategy as I write.  I feel so grateful for days like these when I feel as together and capable as I know I can be.