I am, once again, struggling with depression with a side of anxiety.  Although I didn’t have a name for these problems until my early 20s, I have suffered from and lived with them all my life.  I don’t think any amount of medication or therapy will ever make them go away since, in smaller, more manageable doses, these are natural and beneficial parts of our psyche.  We need them to survive, but they can kill us if they get out of control.

     I’m calling this blog “My Latest Nervous Breakdown” half jokingly.  Yeah, I’m going though a bigger rough patch than usual, but I’m not a complete disaster like I was the first time I really lost it.  I’m older now, I’ve grown and learned a lot, and I’ve survived some rough patches before.  With experience comes perspective and an ability to step back and really examine the situation, use the tools I’ve developed over the years, and search for new ones.  Probably none of this is very original, but that’s another reason to write the blog! I can’t possibly be the only one who is dealing with this, right?  I’m just a regular person with issues – maybe someone else’s issues are like mine.  Maybe I’ve learned tools that someone else hasn’t yet.  Maybe someone will comment here and I’ll learn something new from you.  That is the point and purpose of this exercise.

     I’m writing anonymously to protect my privacy and that of the people I will talk about here.  I hope you all understand and respect that.